We need prayer!  I cannot stress that idea enough.  As we are getting ready to begin fundraising and working towards a move to Haiti and all of these things come to a head, the one constant is our need for our Savior/our GOD.  It is really funny (actually more sad than funny) how quickly I can begin to focus on logistical issues and forget about prayer.  What is it about us that we think we should do things on our own?  I think about the fact that I have an all-powerful Heavenly Father who desires to work through me and give me His power and I just go right along with my life.  This is mainly a reminder to myself – The God of the universe is my Father!  Rely on Him, He is stronger than you.  Talk to Him, He wants a relationship with you.  Love Him, He has given you everything and He loved you enough to die for you.  That I would trust in my God with my life not just my words.

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