Prison Breaks, Taking Over The Airport, and More

Please look for an email at the beginning of next week that will describe, in detail, how awesome our banquet/fundraiser was this past Saturday. It was one of our best ever and it was also a lot of fun. By the time I write a whole blog about it, I should know about what we brought in for the event too!

Unfortunately, however, things in Haiti have gone down hill and they have done so rapidly. Gangs have broken into prisons and released upwards of 5000 criminals back into the streets.

We have had a friend have to evacuate his orphanage to try and keep his kids safe.

Gangs have taken over the Port Au Prince airport, an area that was safe until now.

The Prime Minister was in Kenya trying to revive the deal to bring Kenyan police in to help the situation and now things are so dangerous that he cannot even enter his own country.

The truth is, much of the renewed gang activity is a result of people wanting the Prime Minister to step down, or at least to plan elections some time in the near future.

I will stop there because I do not want to get into all of the reasons things are happening, it is too complicated and not really even worth trying. The point of this blog is something different...

We are asking for prayer!

Pure and simple. Things are hard right now, and I have no idea what the future holds for our kids or for Haiti. Even the past few days going from an incredible fundraiser where people stepped up to help our kids and employees to then being brought down by the new situation in Haiti.

Please do not get tired of praying for Haiti and our kids...We need people like you to step up in this way more than ever.

Here are a couple of news stories if you are interested in what is going on:


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