SCHOOL (Great News!)

While the title might speak for itself, we wanted to update everyone on some awesome news…We received each of our kids’ report cards for the first half of the year and they are almost all passing!  This is an incredible answer to prayer, and those of you who have been following us for a while understand why.  We have prayed about it a lot, asked others to pray, and we have even hired 2 tutors to come every day to help our children succeed.  And the hard work has paid off!

In Haiti, to pass a grade, you have to get a 6/10 on your report card.  What this means is that each of your classes are graded on a scale of 1 to 10 and when each of your class averages are averaged together, you need at least a 6 to pass.  So far, only 4 of our primary kids is not passing and one of them has a 5.8, so if he works hard, he will pass as well.  This is compared to last year when only 4 out of our 24 primary students passed…This is amazing and shows some true progress in a very important area for our kids.  Please keep praying, and we will keep working on our end to provide our children with something that can never be taken away from them and something that so many people here in Haiti never have a chance to experience…an education.

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