School Supplies Needed!

If you keep up with the news about Haiti, you know that things are still not good there!

Even with the country in its current state, our kids have the opportunity to continue progressing in their studies at school with the hope that things will change sometime in the near future.

It is time to start paying for tuition (thank you FBC LaGrange!), getting the kids measured for uniforms, and Lener going up to the market for hours every day trying to find books and everything else the kids need.

In the past, we have collected black backpacks, school supplies (pencils, notebooks, etc.), and even school shoes in America and sent them down to Haiti for our kids to use. As you can imagine, we cannot do that this year.

You have always been very quick to help and very generous when we have done school supply drives, and we are very appreciative. This year, similar to what we did last year, we are asking for donations to help cover these supplies.

The easiest way to do that is to either Click Here, or click the "Donate" button at the top of this email. These links will take you to a direct donation page. If you would rather send a check or donate in a different way, Click Here to find that information on our website.

We believe that GOD is going to change the country of Haiti for the better, and we are doing whatever we can to ensure that our kids have a bright future there. Giving towards school supplies is a way to impact their future and give them something that not many people in Haiti have the privilege to receive...An Education!

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