September Sponsorship Month

Many of you who are reading this are already sponsors for All Things New, and we are so grateful for each and every one of you. There is something special about a sponsorship program where you can meet the child that you sponsor, communicate with them, and really build a long distance relationship with the child as he/she goes through different phases of life. We have a private Facebook page for every child and we ask sponsors to send letters and pictures (and some of you send way more than that…) to their kids so that they can get to know you as well.  

With that said, we are making September our Sponsorship Month!

We chose September simply because it starts with an “S” and alliteration seems to be a good way to market something, but we hope that it is something big for All Things New this year.  There are 5 ways that we generally gain new sponsors each year:

  1. When Teams Come Down.
  2. At Our Fundraising Events.
  3. By Word of Mouth.
  4. When a New Church Partners with us.
  5. Through Social Media (this happens very rarely, but a list of 5 is better than a list of 4)

We have missed out on teams this year and we have not had many new church partners this year so we are trying something new to gain new sponsors. 

As you may know, our goal is to find 10 sponsors for every child that lives on the All Things New campus, and 5 sponsors for every child that we take care of but does not live with us.  If we were at full capacity, we would have close to 300 sponsors.  We are well over 100 sponsors away (it is hard to gauge the exact number that we have because some give yearly, some monthly, some quarterly, etc.) from our goal, and you can help us reach it.  Here are 6 ways:

  1. If you are not yet a sponsor, click here and become one.
  2. Talk to the people that you are closest to about ATN.  Your family, friends, and co-workers would love to hear about your involvement in Haiti and may be willing to join the team.
  3. Be an online advocate.  This is the easiest way to help us.  Share our posts, include personal stories, and encourage everyone that you are connected with to become a part of ATN.
  4. Come to one of our annual Fundraisers if you are in LaGrange or Jacksonville.
  5. Share all of our posts throughout the month of September!
  6. Ask your church if it would be willing to become a partner with All Things New!

During the month of September, there are 21 weekdays and there are 21 children who live at All Things New.  Each weekday of the month we will be sharing some information and a new picture of each one of our kids and asking for new sponsors.  We need your help making this work!  Please share, share, and share some more.  Tell personal stories about the ministry and get the word out about All Things New and our sponsorship program.

The truth is, our sponsorship program is the lifeblood of ATN.  It is both a way for people to give regularly and stay connected to the ministry and the kids on a personal level.  We are so grateful for those of you who give outside of sponsorship, on top of sponsorship, and any other way that you are involved with All Things New.  Those things are just as valuable as sponsorship, and we could not exist without that support as well.  However, the month of September is going to focus on Sponsorship specifically and we hope you will join us in getting the word out!

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