So Much Rain

Since we have been in Haiti it has rained almost every day.  They are usually very short, very intense showers that thoroughly soak the ground and make it very difficult for us to get to the orphanage every day.  On a side note, it is a good thing that we have a 4 wheel drive truck or we would not have been very useful the past 2 weeks.  In all honesty, the rain is very annoying.  It makes travel difficult, our truck is completely covered in mud inside and out, and it just makes everything move even slower here (and if you have been to Haiti you how crazy that is).

As I was thinking about this the other night, I realized something.  It was 9:30 pm and it was a torrential downpour to the point that Jess and I could not even talk to each other it was so loud outside, and it hit me…We were inside a well constructed home with a decent roof (it leaks a little but not too bad) and we had light.  We knew that it was just a quick rain storm and that it would go away soon and we could sit and read our Kindles in the meantime.  

In the middle of this thought, I thought about the kids of All Things New.

What must they be thinking as they sit there with rain coming down so hard it probably feels like their house is going to fall down.  I think about Vageley and Gladine and how they must be laying in bed sobbing, terrified of what is going on outside.  We wish we could be there to tell them it was ok and to hold them if they needed it.  To comfort them and to tell them there is nothing to be scared of.  I think about some of the older kids who know what is going on, but they are still sitting in the pitch dark (hopefully they still have a few of their flashlights with batteries) and they are probably at least a little worried about the noise.  I wish they could just flip a light switch or walk over to their parents’ room or at least have the knowledge that everything would be ok soon.

There are some things like that that happen here that just change your thinking a little.  A quick rainstorm is nothing to the developed world, but here it can mean a lot.  It made me wonder how people get along here when hurricanes hit or when rain really sets in for hours or days.  And I just pray for our children.  That they would know they are loved and cared for and that GOD would allow us to be with them for good soon.  I know that He is the Great Comforter and that He brings His children peace when they don’t have anyone else.  But I also know that He uses parents and adults to be His hands and feet for children who don’t know any better.  

I want to pray that GOD would use me every day to bring comfort to those who are hurting, to help those who need it, and most importantly to point people to His Cross every day.

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