Son Son’s Future

Today we are getting back to our “Futures” blog.  As you may recall, in 2018, we sat down with each of our kids to talk about their future with them.  We asked what they wanted their lives to look like, what career most interests them, and gave them a chance to talk about their future in general.  It was a very interesting few days, and especially when we sat down to talk with the older kids.  The little ones did not quite understand what we were doing, but the older kids, or at least most of them, seem to have some type of plan.  Today I want to tell you about Son Son.

Son Son is 15 years old and in the 7th grade.  When we asked him if he wants to go all the way through school (the last grade is called Philo and is basically 13th grade) he did not hesitate.  If you have never met Son Son, he is very smart.  In fact, before we even hired tutors and while they were living in the old place, Son Son was passing his classes pretty easily.  He is just one of those kids who is naturally gifted.

At the same time, Son Son is a big time over-thinker.  I remember after dinner a while back, it was Son Son’s turn to do dishes.  Most of the kids, especially the boys, washed as quickly as they could so they would not miss any time playing outside before it was time to come in.  Son Son, in true Son Son fashion, studied the water, the drying rack, and the plates presumably trying to figure out the best way to accomplish his task.  I am not exaggerating when I say that he took so long finishing his task that he did not get to play soccer at all, and on top of that I had to stay in with him so I missed out too.

Hopefully that gives you a little sense of who Son Son is.  He is not shy, but he is not outgoing.  He does not really stand out compared to some of the other kids, but he also does not allow himself to be pushed to the background.  He has a great sense of humor and he loves Sophie, Elijah, and Ezekyal very much.  He tried really hard with Elijah to the point that “Son Son” was one of his first really clear words.  He would yell his name out as soon as he walked in to our house and run to give him a hug.

After he finishes school, Son Son wants to either be an engineer or study agriculture.  It’s funny that he actually phrased it “Study Agriculture” because, while most people we know think it is just growing food, Son Son realizes that there is real science behind it.  He would do great at either.  He is such a hard worker and he really goes after the things that he desires.  He is always the one who will stay home to study if there is a test, spend extra time on the basketball court because he wants to be better, and even ask to come to our house when nobody else is there because he wants to beat Apolon and Zalex at Xbox (which he cannot yet).

As you can probably see, I fully expect Son Son to be successful at whatever he decides to do.  I am really proud of the young man Son Son is becoming.  And not “Dad blinders” proud where you think he is going to succeed just because you love him and want him to.  He is kind, a hard worker, really smart, and he likes to do the work necessary to succeed and I believe that he will.

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