Sophie’s Finally Coming

I’m sitting in the Miami airport, by myself again. I think this is the 6th time I have come to Haiti since Sophie was born, so writing this type of blog is getting old. I do have some really good news though…After a few months in the adoption finalization process and then getting other paperwork finished, we finally have Sophie’s passport! We also have tickets for me, Jess, and Sophie to come down to Haiti together on May 9. So as I sit at the airport (wishing Miami had wifi so I could actually post my blog) writing, I know that this is the last time for a while that I will have to make this trip without Jess and Sophie. That is both a wonderful and somewhat terrifying thought. We knew that this was coming, but as it gets closer, it also gets more difficult to think about bringing our baby to a 3rd world country. The whole purpose of this blog is to simply ask for prayer. Please pray for these things specifically:

  • That while I am in Haiti this time I get everything accomplished to make Sophie’s transition easier.
  • For courage and peace as we move Sophie down.
  • For a smooth transition to a new environment for Sophie.
  • And for our other kids to love Sophie and welcome her to Haiti.

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