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It has been a really busy last few weeks here in Haiti for a variety of reasons, but I wanted to take some time now to tell some of the recent stories about our kids.  On any given day, if I were to take the time to write it down, I could probably have at least 5 good stories to tell, but I want to tell you some of the more recent ones.  It will give you a sense of how our days are like, and it will give you a sense of how different things can be here than they are in America.  I will take some time each of the next few days to tell you one story about something that has happened recently at All Things New!  These will be short stories but will help you get to know our kids a little better.

Story 1:  The Water Hose

About 2 weeks ago, we got our first water hose.  I understand that normally this would not be something to write a story about, but that is because everyone reading this has used a water hose before.  For our kids and our security guards, this new “toy” is one of the greatest things we have ever gotten.  We have a 500 gallon water tank on our roof that supplies water for everything in our house.  About every 5 to 7 days I need to refill that tank by turning on our generator and having water pumped up to the roof.  The first day we got that hose…We ran out of water before noon!  After I had filled the tank the night before.  Seriously, how could you possibly use 500 gallons in less than half of a day?  Our trucks get washed every single day, our grass gets watered at least 2x per day, and apparently, it is necessary to clean our driveway off constantly throughout the day because we have a hose.  I am not exactly sure how to curb the hose enthusiasm at this point.  I mean, after all, security is washing my car every single day (sometimes more than once), the boys are coming over much more frequently, and our driveway has never been cleaner.  But I really wish I did not have to turn our generator on almost daily just to get water pumped up to the roof.  The kids who seem most enamored with the water hose are Kervinson, Apolon, Woodly, and Woodlerxe.  There is definitely a sense of power associated with holding the hose in your hand, but another funny thing is that so far they have not squirted each other (even once), they have not tried to play in the water, and they have not drank any of the water.  All things we did growing up with water hoses.  They seem to be content with the practical uses of the hose, so I guess things could definitely be worse!

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