Stories About the Kids 2

Over the next few days, I am going to tell you guys some of the fun, cute, and difficult stories that have happened here over the past couple of weeks.  If you have kids, then you know that there could be many stories each day told about the funny things they have done or said, but I am going to try and highlight just a few.  I hope it gives you an idea of how life is here and I hope it gives you a chance to get to know our kids and the ministry of All Things New just a little better.  Yesterday I told you the “Water Hose” story and today we are going to move on to one of our kids’ favorite things to do…Watch a movie.  

Story 2:  Watching Jumanji

First of all, like I mentioned before, watching movies is one of our favorite things to do here at All Things New.  The kids love to watch them even though they do not understand everything that is being said.  The problem we run into is that there are just so many movies made for children that we can watch.  We also try to show our older kids some movies that we do not show our little ones, so Saturday night we will be watching Rocky III (already watched the first 2 with them) more for me than for the kids!  With that said, if you have any ideas of some really good children movies, please let us know and even send us some for us to take down to the kids from time to time.  They actually prefer regular movies over cartoons (even the little ones) and this makes it even more difficult to find good ones.

Yesterday, we decided to watch Jumanji.  This is the Robin Williams movie where there is a board game that makes things come to life and puts the people playing the game in danger of wild animals, a hunter, and even turned the little boy into a monkey.  Yesterday, I just happened to be sitting next to Gladine while we were watching the movie and it was hilarious.  When the first thing happened in the movie, she grabbed my hand with both of hers, and looked me right in the eyes and said (in creole) “that game is bad” (which she repeated throughout the movie at least 15 times).  And the rest of the movie was a hilarious running commentary from a 6 year old girl about the movie Jumanji.  Some of the things that were said include:

  • Look, that game turned the boy into a monkey.
  • Whoa, a giant spider and the man is trying to blow him away.
  • Why is his head in the wood?
  • What is that, referring to a rhinoceros and what I believe was an ostrich at one point.
  • “Oh my goodness!”  Over and over again. (which is way cuter in creole)

There were many other things, but the funniest thing was that one time, when something really scary happened, she hopped right into my lap.  And when I say “hopped” she literally jumped off of the floor into my lap while I was sitting in the chair right next to her.  She proceeded to cover her eyes with one hand and grab onto my face with the other.  Now, I fully realize that part of this was a show because she loves to be funny, but the majority of what happened was her true reaction to what was, to her, a truly frightening movie.  At the end, she immediately asked if we could start it over and watch it again, but alas one showing of Jumanji is all I could handle that day…

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