Stories About the Kids 5

This is story number 5 about our kids.  Hopefully you have enjoyed them so far because, honestly, they have been some of the funnest to write.  It is a chance for me to reflect about how joyful life can be with our kids even in the midst of life being difficult down here.  Have you even noticed that really fun and good things can pass right by you in life without you taking the time to notice them and reflect on them?  Telling these stories have allowed me to reflect on how much I really love these kids, so thanks for reading and hopefully you have enjoyed them also.

With that being said, I want to tell you a pre-story to the already planned story for today.  First of all, you may notice that I am posting this at 9:o0 at night which is not like me at all.  However, today was extremely busy and culminated in what turned out to be an almost 6 hour long party for our girls and boys soccer teams so I have not had a chance to write until just now (and that is a story for another day).  On top of that, as I write, our older kids are watching Rocky III because I promised to show it to them before i left for the states.  I love the Rocky movies, and the older kids are enjoying them as well.  Something really funny  just happened while I was about to write this story and I wanted to share it with you.  It was time for the first “Rocky vs Mr T” fight, and if you are a Rocky fan you know Rocky loses this one.  So I ask the kids who they think will win and they all say Rocky.  So, I tell them if Rocky wins I will give them each 10 cokes, but if Mr. T. wins they all have to come to my house the next day and clean my yard.  They all agree to the bet.  So I say, please think about it before you bet.  I have seen this movie at least 10 times and I know everything that is going to happen.  Do you still want to bet…None of them changed their minds.  I then told them that I know Rocky is going to lose, do you still want to bet?  They all said yes so we continued to watch.  After all of that, they were all completely shocked when Rocky lost the match.  Now, we don’t condone betting and I am not going to have them clean my yard, but come on, are you really going to bet on a boxing match in a movie that the other person has seen 10 times?

Story 5:  Going to Macco

Over the past few weeks we have tried to do some fun things with the kids since their summer vacation started.  I noticed that a lot of what I was doing was with the older kids and not as much with the younger ones.  So last week I told the 7 younger kids if they behaved for the next week we could all go to the local restaurant, Macco, together.  They were so excited, especially Vageley, that they kept asking me if today was the day for Macco.  Finally, Thursday came and it was the day that we were going.  So I went down to the kids house a little after breakfast time, and there was Vageley sitting at the gate with his nicest jeans and shirt tucked in ready to go.  I told him we still had outside play time and a movie before it was time to go to which he replied, “I know, but I wanted to be ready.”  It was really funny.

So a few hours later we got in the car together and drove down to the restaurant.  The whole time they were talking about what they were going to eat (maybe not understanding that their choices were either chicken or chicken) and they all settled on chicken with french fries, which luckily ended up being all they had that day.  And then when I told them they could each have a 7Up, they were thrilled.  They started off eating slowly and I could not figure out why.  So they told me that they were saving their food to share with their friends at the orphanage.  I knew that this meant the older kids had asked them to bring food back to them so I told them they were not allowed and that they had to eat everything there.  It was awesome.  They immediately started to dig in and they all completely cleaned their plates.  They were so happy and all they talked about on the way home was how good their food was and when they would be able to come back again.


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