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This will be the last blog in this series of stories that have happened over the past few weeks.  If you missed the last story, please click here to read about our soccer club party (and you can back link to all of the other blogs as well).  If you have been down to visit All Things New before, hopefully you can picture the faces of the kids in each story and it gives you a mental image of how cute and great they are!  If you have not been down, hopefully this helps to put a desire in your heart to come down sometime and visit.  Anyway, here is the 7th and final story in this series…

Story 7:  Going to the Market

As I have mentioned in other recent blog posts, we have been doing some different fun things of the kids since their summer vacation started.  They are staying up a little later, getting some more free time, we’ve taken them to restaurants, and they have played a lot.  Well, the latest thing we have done for the “chefs” (these are the older kids that we consider leaders and we give them extra privileges) is we got in the car and drove to the big outdoor market in Leogane.  We gave each kid 250 HTG (Haitian gourds) which is the equivalent of about $4, and we let them shop.  They walked all around looking at clothes, hair products, food, and pretty much anything else you can think of and they bargained and tried to get what they wanted for the best price possible.  It was really funny to see their personalities come out on this trip.  Tony knew exactly what he wanted, always pretended to be very uninterested in everything when the seller was looking, and then bargained as well as anyone I have ever seen.  It is really funny.  He will not be talked into anything.  Gueline used all of her money within 2 minutes as she saw something and just bought it.  Herbison somehow ended up with a nice shirt, a pair of shorts, 4 soft drinks, a cup of ice cream, a hot dog, a piece of sugar cane, and some candy.  I have no idea how he did it still.  Apolon, before we even left told me he was going to use all of his money on food.  He used all of his money on food.  Every time we walked by a street vendor he had something new in his mouth.  Misthafa said she wanted hair gel and she planned on using all of her money on it.  However, it only cost 50 gourds so she was thrilled and just looked around all over the place trying to figure out what else to buy.  All in all, we had a really fun day and the kids were thrilled to go out together like that.  It was also really fun to learn a little more about their personality and what they like.  If you are a sponsor and want to learn more about how your kid did at the market (if they are a “chef”) please just comment on this post and ask and I will fill you in!

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