Thank You!

Since I just got back from Haiti yesterday (more on that trip in a later blog), I did not want to miss an opportunity to say thank you to everyone who helped us make Giving Tuesday a huge success! As you know, we really needed Giving Tuesday to be a financial boost for us as the end of the year is coming, and you guys really came through!

We reached our Matching Goal on Facebook donations alone! We received just over $12,000 in Facebook donations with more coming in both through our website and in the mail as well. We did not leave even 1 cent of matching money on the table.

 - I do not have final numbers for Giving Tuesday right now, but we will soon and they are very good.

 - 10 of you started your own Facebook Fundraisers which not only helped us to raise funds, but also got the word out about our organization.

 - If you missed Giving Tuesday and would still like to donate to All Things New, please click here to give either through ACH or with a credit card.

I wish I could put into words how thankful we are and how much this means to us both as an organization and personally from us and our kids in Haiti. Raising funds is difficult in general and even more so during a pandemic, and we are so grateful for how you guys rallied behind us.

On a very important housekeeping note, if you are reading this and you gave money through Facebook to All Things New, it is very important to know that Facebook, rather than ATN, will send you a tax receipt. The tax receipt that they send is the email that you receive directly after donating, so they will not send a tax receipt at the beginning of the year. If you lose that email, we do have a record of your giving through Facebook and we can get it to you if you contact me.

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