Thank You!

I am going to give you guys the information about our 5k and 2022 Fundraiser, but I wanted to say something else first...


This past Giving Tuesday was amazing. We made a little more than $19,000 because of your generosity, and it means more than you know. To be honest, it always means a lot when you guys step up and give to ensure that All Things New continues to move forward, but it was different this year.

Over the past few months, I have experienced some discouragement based on what has been happening in Haiti. It seems like every time there is a chance for things to get better...They just get worse. It also seems like some of our momentum and some of the projects that we have wanted to start or continue have just been on hold because of what has been going on.

The bottom line, is that we needed a win, and this past Giving Tuesday definitely qualified! It was more than just a boost that we needed at the end of the year, it was another way for GOD to tell us to be patient, that He has us, and that He will bless us even if it is in different ways that we have prayed.

Now, here are the 2 opportunities that I want all of you to be a part of at the beginning of next year:

  1. 1st Annual All Things New 5k/1-Mile Fun Run. January 22 is going to be an awesome day as Josh Lindblom, his Mom Jenny, and the entire Bartram Trail High School ATN Club will be putting on a 5k to support our ministry. Click Here for more information, but if you can make it, please make plans to support ATN and to support a group of High School Students who are selflessly taking time out of their own schedule to help us!
  2. Annual Jacksonville Celebration/Fundraiser at Deerwood Country Club. We are so excited to be meeting in person again for this wonderful time to celebrate what GOD has done and to look forward to what He will do for All Things New. This year marks a full decade since Jessica and I made our first trip down to Haiti and met our kids, and we are looking forward to celebrating that and looking towards the next 10 years as well.

We will also, hopefully, soon announce an event in LaGrange, so if you live in LaGrange and would be interested in helping us get this together, just let me know, and we hope to have more details to come soon!

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