Thank You!

This blog is to let you know that, because of your generosity, Giving Tuesday was a great success for All Things New again in 2022.

Over the days and weeks leading up to Giving Tuesday, I relayed some of the reasons that our needs have increased. The unbelievable inflation, lack of resources, and black market-only availability of gas has caused our expenses to skyrocket. You can read about some of that HERE.

On Giving Tuesday this year, we raised $9,875! Thank you.

Your generosity has made it possible for All Things New to never miss a paycheck for our 30 employees, get all of our kids ready for school (School started on Monday by the way, more on that in a later blog), and to be able to eat 3 meals every single day (an almost unheard of thing in much of Haiti).

All Things New, our kids, and our employees are beyond blessed by your prayers, your support, and your giving. 

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