Thank You for a Great Giving Tuesday!

First off, I want to say thank you to everyone who participated in Giving Tuesday this year for All Things New or for any other nonprofit.  It was a very important and successful day for the ministry of ATN, and we could not and would not be where we are without all of you! 

The full results are not in yet, but I do know that we surpassed our $9,500 goal and will receive all of the matching funds for that. We will know in early January whether or not we received the matching funds from Facebook as well. Regardless of what happens with Facebook, all of you who gave, started a Facebook Fundraiser, or shared about ATN during Giving Tuesday were a huge blessing for us and we are very thankful for you.

As you continue to give, pray for, and support All Things New, please know that we are working hard on our end to provide for our kids and our community.  The unrest in Haiti has made things difficult as of late, but we are praying that things will go back to normal soon.  Please pray, especially in January as some political deadlines come and go, that things go back to how they used to be and the country can function again.

Finally, I want to go over a minor housekeeping detail that is very important if you gave through Facebook on Giving Tuesday.  While all of the money given goes directly to All Things New, your tax receipt will come from Facebook for any donation given through them.  This is important for your year end giving records, so please keep any email or tax receipt that Facebook sends to you.

The bottom line is thank you for making Giving Tuesday such a huge success.  It was a huge help financially, but it was also a great encouragement that so many of you gathered around ATN, our family, and our kids and employees in Haiti.  Thank you.

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