Thank You, Prayer, and Positivity!

After an incredible fundraiser, and some news concerning Haiti that could be positive in the near future, I wanted to share a little bit about what is going on in the country without being too negative (thanks to a friend and supporter for encouraging us to share some positive news).

The first positive is our incredible fundraiser! Thank you to everyone who sponsored a table, sponsored the event, gave an auction item, attended the event, and gave to help our ministry. It was a really fun evening and it was one of our most successful events to date.

Another positive is that the international community seems to really be considering a way to intervene in Haiti in some way. Without getting into specifics, Canada and the U.S. both seem to understand how dangerous the country is and desire to engage, but there are international pressures preventing that from happening. At this point, international intervention is a necessity to get the country operating in a way that is livable for its people.

Another positive is that our kids are still progressing through school, and we are at least in the beginning stages of considering trying to get them to America based on the parole program that the Biden Administration started for Haiti and other countries. Our kids who are old enough are in the process of obtaining a passport with the possibility of coming to America for a couple of years to get out of the danger there. More info will come out on this soon, but go ahead and be praying about how you could help if this remote possibility actually happens.

It is difficult to maintain a positive attitude about a country that is essentially in the midst of an all-out, everyday war, and that is what is happening in Port Au Prince right now. What we can do, however, is pray!

 - Pray for international intervention in the country.

 - Pray that our kids remain safe and progressing in school and life.

 - Pray that our supporters, like you, do not grow weary in supporting our ministry and our kids and employees.

 - Pray that GOD intervenes in Haiti!

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