Thank You Ross Hughes & Associates!

Since All Things New started over 8 years ago, I could fill a notebook with the names of people who have helped us, gotten us to where we are, and have been there for us no matter what. One of the first names on that list would be Heather Hughes and her accounting firm Ross Hughes & Associates.

They have helped us in more ways than I can count, but especially in the everyday bookkeeping responsibilities, financial reports for meetings, finding a great company to do our annual 990, and offering help and advice when needed. I honestly do not know where we would be without their help to this point in the life of All Things New, and we are more grateful than I could effectively communicate. 

Heather and her husband Trevor have been friends of ours (Matt and Jess) since we worked together in the youth ministry of Arlington Baptist Church, and we are so thankful that she agreed to join our board years ago. Shannon Corwin, who also works for the firm, has been wonderful as well, she is always nice and kind no matter how many times I ask a bad question!

When Jess and I first started All Things New, I had absolutely no idea the totality of what we were getting into. Becoming a 501c3, nonprofit rules/reporting, the time that goes into running an organization, and other things have definitely been a learning experience for both of us.

I remember our first board meeting, it was definitely the first meeting like that for a nonprofit that I had ever lead. I read "Nonprofits for Dummies" and 2 other nonprofit management books and then I studied "Robert's Rules of Order" to get ready for the meeting. 

If it were not for people like Heather who have been patient, quick to help, and very good at explaining why things have to happen certain ways, I am not sure that All Things New would have made it to where it is today. The bottom line is this:

Thank You Heather, Thank You Shannon, and Thank you Ross Hughes & Associates!

You guys are an integral part of All Things New, and if anyone needs any accounting help, click here to learn more about this wonderful accounting firm.

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