Jess and I were praying this morning, and as we were talking about what we needed to pray about, we began praying for the kids.  After Jess left for work, her simple suggestion to pray for the kids reminded me of the incredible calling that GOD has place on our lives.  It is such an awesome privilege that GOD thought about us and loved us so much that He has allowed us to minister to these precious and awesome kids.  I can see each of their faces, and I can picture their personalities, and I see their names, and they are GOD’s children.  They are His sons and His daughters and He has allowed us to care for them.  He has allowed us and called us to be their earthly family.  I wish I could explain to you what that feels like.  Sure, it is a little frightening from time to time to think about.  We will be moving to another country and watching after over 30 children at the same time.  But I am not scared, and I am not worried.  GOD is planning right now how He will use us and what He will do, and I am so glad that He has chosen to allow us to be a part of it.  Thank You GOD, and help us to always seek after Your will.

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