The LaGrange Team (Elijah’s First Trip to LaGrange)

I want to begin by apologizing for how long it has been since the last blog.  Our family spent the last week in LaGrange visiting friends and family and we had a great time seeing a lot of people.  If you are one of our supporters in LaGrange, you will be glad to know that we ate at Jim Bob’s and Charlie Joseph’s, shopped at Piggly Wiggly, and ordered barbecue from Hog Heaven.  If you are from Jacksonville (or anywhere other than LaGrange) then you probably noticed 2 things about that last sentence.  You probably noticed that stores and restaurants have very strange names in LaGrange and that we spent most of our time there eating, and you would be correct on both observations.

The real reason that I am blogging about our trip is because while we were there we had a meeting with our board member, Evyn Crocker, who lives in LaGrange along with Thomas Crocker, my parents, and Suzie and Rusty to discuss starting up our LaGrange Team!  We had an incredibly productive meeting and we are very excited to begin this new ATN Team.  Our LaGrange Team, we decided, will be split up into 4 sub-teams as follows:

  • Fundraiser Planning Team.  This team will, of course, be in charge of helping to plan our larger scale fundraiser(s) in LaGrange throughout the year.
  • Small-Scale Fundraiser Team.  This team will be in charge of planning smaller scale fundraising opportunities throughout the year.  In 2016, for instance, we had a basketball fundraiser (thanks Carlo Heard), a spirit night at Jim Bob’s, and a Turkey Trot (thanks Lisa and Inner Path Yoga and Fitness Studio).  
  • Marketing Team.  The Marketing Team would help ATN to stay relevant in local news, social media, and other marketing outlets as well as help to procure speaking engagements when possible.
  • Spiritual Team.  Just like our Spiritual Team in Jacksonville, this team would be charged with praying for our ministry, recruiting others to pray, and ensuring that All Things New never loses its primary mission – “To worship Jesus Christ.”

If you are in or around LaGrange and are interested in joining the LaGrange Team (and specifically one of our sub-Teams) please let me or Evyn Crocker know and we will make sure to get in touch with you!  We will begin making these communications within the next week so please let us know if you are interested.

We had a great week spending time with friends and family and having people in LaGrange meet Elijah for the first time.  If you live there and we were not able to see you, I apologize, and we will be back some time in September or October (after we return from Elijah’s first trip to Haiti).  Please keep us in your prayers as we get ready to make the trip! 

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