Traveling to Haiti

When I wrote this, I was sitting in the airport getting ready to get on a plane to Haiti and then hopefully getting all the way to our house in Gressier. I have been to Haiti a few times lately, but I stayed in Port Au Prince because I did not want to put any of our drivers in danger. This means that it has been a while since I have seen the kids. I am really excited about getting back down and spending time with them, but also it is difficult to do this without Jessica and the kids. This trip is going to be very busy and very full. Here are some of the things I plan on accomplishing:

  • Spending time with the kids and finding out how they have been over the last few difficult months.
  • Meeting with employees and thanking them for everything that they did while the unrest persisted. Also reinforcing our rules and expectations to make sure that we continue moving forward well.
  • Officially getting our Computer Coding program off of the ground! Thanks to a family in LaGrange who donated 6 laptops (months ago), to Arlington Baptist Church for donating the money needed to pay for training for the year, and to a 3rd year Computer Science major at Georgia Tech (Will Hunnicut) for being willing to team up with our coders and help them along the way. We should find out very soon how successful this program can be, and if you are a church looking for website help, contact us soon!
  • Making sure the kids are in school (more on this in an upcoming blog) and doing well.

There are a lot of other things that I am hoping to accomplish, but the main thing is to start finding some normalcy again. This trip will give me a better idea of how things are going in Haiti, and whether or not it is possible for us to go back down as a family soon. It will also let us start thinking through when we can bring teams down again. I know that things are not yet back to normal, but they are at least better than they used to be. 

Stay tune for some blogs from Haiti and for us to start back our “vision casting” series again soon. Also, please note that our Jacksonville Fundraiser is coming soon. Click here for more information and to purchase tickets!

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