We just got back from another great trip to Haiti on March 28.  It was so great to see the kids again.  Even though it had only been since December, it seemed like forever with all that is going on now.  It was also our first trip where we could talk to the kids about us moving down and how excited we are about being there for them on a consistent basis.  They are so wonderful, so sweet, and so smart it is such a privilege to be called by GOD to work with these children.  They can do great things for Christ in this nation, and we are just happy to be along for the ride that GOD is taking us on.  We know that He is calling us here, and we know that He is going to make it happen.  Our only hope is that He draws us closer and closer to Himself as the process unfolds.

We realized a few things while we were there also.  Not the least of which is…WE NEED A CAR.  We are hoping to possibly stay an extra week in Haiti in June when we go back, and we know that we are going to make some other trips in the near future, but none of these things can happen until we get reliable transportation down there.  We have to be able to get back and forth from the orphanage and from Port Au Prince and from any other destination that we will need to get to.

We also realized that there will be a lot of legal things that we will need to handle in Haiti.  In America, the process seems long and difficult, but it is not.  At least there is a clear set of rules and directions that we can follow to make sure that everything works out right.  The same cannot be said for the Haitian legal system, and this will be an adventure!

Finally, we realized the importance of relationships and contacts down there.  We have met so many people and have so many potential helpers, we know that GOD is constantly putting people in our path both here and in Haiti.  It is truly amazing how awesome our GOD is.  We cannot wait to see all that He does to make His will happen.

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