Trip Update!

I wanted to update everyone about our most recent team that left from Haiti this past Saturday.  We had a blast being with them and having them hang out with our kids, and we have gotten to meet a lot of people the past few days.  While the team was here, we got to do a lot of great things.  We did a feeding program each day for a week with children who do not get to eat on a consistent basis, we led a VBS for those same children and taught them about the Word of GOD, we went out to dinner at a Haitian restaurant, and we even bought some great souvenirs of our trip.  

However, the very best thing that we did was to spend time with our children at All Things New!

There are so many people that ask things like, “when can we build,” or “when are you guys going to really need some work done…” But here is what I realized this past week, the most important part of a mission trip is coming closer to Christ!  It is very beneficial to build a new home for someone, or paint someone’s house, or even to build a new school or orphanage.  But what could possibly be more important than building a lasting relationship with someone.  Someone that you can continually pray for, support, send letters to, and ultimately help to meet their needs and help bring them closer to their Savior.  The funny thing that I also realized is that as you help these children learn what the love of GOD looks like, you begin to understand it more and more as well.  

Here is what I mean, as we help those who are helpless and become family to those who have no family, we begin to (on a small scale) see what GOD did for us.  It brings us closer to our GOD when we realize how helpless we once were and how only in Him can we be made new.  

This last team was awesome, and I’m not just saying that.  We had a great time together and I know that GOD used this trip to change the lives of all of us, including our children.  But I also hope that everyone understands how important these trips are and how much we want each of you to come and be a part of them.  The families on this trip can now pray for our children in a different way.  They know them.  They know their personalities, what they need, and how truly precious each one of them are.  

I will definitely update you guys further on our progress soon, I just wanted to share with you some things I learned on this last All Things New trip, and thank those of you who went.  It was truly an incredible week and I can’t wait for each of you to experience a trip with us soon!

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