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It is my pleasure to introduce you to Vageley.  Vageley is 6 years old and just started 1st grade at Christianville School.  We have met Vageley’s mom 1 time on move-in day and we have not seen her again and his Dad is not in the picture.  There was never a doubt that he would come with us to the orphanage because when his Mom came for move-in day it was the first time Vageley had seen her in 3 years…He is 6.  Before we moved Vageley to our new facilities and really began taking care of him, Yolmenda was his primary caregiver.  She dressed him, kept his stuff for him, and cared for him more than anyone else did.  You could almost physically see the relief on her face when she realized that she no longer had to be his Mom.  On top of that, I do not think Audancin and Rosie even knew Vageley’s name, that is how little they cared about him.  I hope this sounds as sad as it is, to have a 6 year old boy never truly know what a family looks like and never truly having someone who knew him as an individual and loved him as a son…I can promise you that he has that now, and he definitely knows it!

Vageley is one of the cutest kids you will ever meet in your life.  He is full of personality, extremely athletic, very affectionate, and smart.  He has so much potential, and I believe that we can help him reach this potential.  He is an excellent soccer player and he can already shoot and make baskets on a 10 foot basketball goal.  He is quickly learning to read, but he does get in trouble quite a bit at school and during lessons.  He can be a little too silly, a little aggressive, and he would much rather play and be funny than sit and listen to a lesson (kind of similar to every other 6 year old in the world!).  At night, when Jess and I go down for our nightly worship service with the children, Vageley is all over me.  He wants to sit in my lap, have 100% of my attention, and he would sit next to me at service every single night if I would let him.  He also likes it when I haven’t shaved for a day or 2.  In fact, he will put his face against mine and just press my face to his like he cannot be close enough.  He loves to make Jessica laugh.  I see it all of the time when we are outside playing together and he tries to do silly things to get Jess to laugh at him (which she does all of the time because he is hilarious).  He likes to sit close to her and he loves it when he makes her smile.  

A really good example of how Vageley is with other children is what happened when I went up to the school the other day and he did not see me while he was outside playing with his friends.  They were playing soccer with a rock (which is an extremely common thing to do at the school) but it was not really soccer.  It was more just running around laughing and tripping each other while pretending to play soccer.  Anyway, Vageley was by far the best at this game.  He kept getting the ball (rock) and nobody could take it from him and nobody could trip him.  At the same time, when he knocked a kid down, he was the only one that I saw stop and help the kid back up.  That’s Vageley.  He is all boy, really aggressive, really silly, but also just a nice, good, loving kid.  I cannot wait to see what GOD does in and through his life.  

Another funny thing is, since I have been in America, Jess told me that every night when the kids are playing, Vageley will not let Jess out of his sight.  He sits in her lap, asks her to play with him, and is apparently building me a house out of sticks while I am away.  I hope that he understands that we are not leaving him, and that we will be back for him as soon as we can, but how can he understand that?  He has been abandoned since he was born.  I cannot wait to come back to Haiti and show Vageley that he is a part of our family and that we will not leave or abandon him…Ever.

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