We are Finally in Haiti

After a full year of looking forward to being full-time with All Things New, the time has finally come!  We are in Haiti for the next month and it will be our longest stay to date.  So far, our time here has been great.  We have a nice house that Christianville is allowing us to use while we are here, we have wonderful food, we have met some great people, and most of all we get to see our kids each day!  While we are not permanently down here yet (we still have a lot of work and fundraising to do in America), but we are getting closer and we can’t wait.

The first thing we want to do being down here is thank you guys for all that you have done to make this happen.  We definitely could not be here without your help and we are so appreciative of everything you have done.  From volunteering to brainstorming to giving, everyone who is reading this can truly call All Things New their own.  GOD is doing so much in and through this ministry and He is using you guys to accomplish His will.  It is really cool that we are able to partner like this and we really appreciate you.

The other thing we wanted to share with you guys is some of the things that we are really trying to accomplish while we are here.  The first thing is that we are trying to purchase a truck.  We finally found one that we like, and we are now trying to figure out the legal issues involved in purchasing a truck here without being a citizen.  Please pray!  We are also trying to get our children help in school.  Some of them are struggling a little because it is their first opportunity at a real education, and we are trying to find them adequate help.  Since Jess and I are not yet fluent in creole, we are trying to find the right people for the job.  Please continue to be in prayer for these things specifically.  While there are other things that we need prayer for, these are the 2 immediate needs that we have down here.  Thank you!

We will continue to keep you up-to-date through Facebook, Instagram, our blog, and the newsletter so be on the lookout for regular updates!

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