We are Moving!

We are officially moving to our new place on Friday!

If you did not see the previous blog or our Facebook posts, we have been in the process of moving the kids to a new home but have run into a few delays, specifically flooding in our area.

Those delays are officially over, and we will be in our new home, hopefully, on Friday. With the expense of moving and some other things that have been going on lately, this blog/email is primarily a request for financial help for the upcoming move.

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In the long run, our new home will actually cost us less, but for now, there are a few costs associated with the move. Here are some of the costs that we are asking for help to cover as the move is occurs this weekend and the next few weeks:

 - Initial Move-In Costs: $2,000 (1 month rent/misc. needs)

 - Moving/Installing the Solar Panels/Generator to the new home: $1,000

 - Estimated Costs of Repairs for the Old House: $1,500

 - Costs to move out of the old home: Estimated $4,500 (explained below)

 - New Mattresses, Fix Beds: Estimated $1,000

The expected total cost of the move is around $10,000 but that amount is definitely on the low side. Also, we have already received a very generous $2,000 donation to help us in this effort!

If you would like to give toward this, Please Click Here.

We have one more thing to share, but I did want to explain the "Costs to move out of the old home." It seems high, but our landlord is going to try and get the entire $13,600 of rent that we pay each year. He did not fix the bathrooms in the house and instead built bathrooms in the back yard about 25 yards from the house, but in Haiti that does not necessarily matter. We should be able to get out of the rental agreement because he is not holding up his end of the bargain, but he is going to try and get more than what he should and we are hoping to be able to get around that. Please be in prayer for that situation and understand that is why the cost of that line item seems so high.

The final thing I wanted to share is that 4 of our house Moms, we have found out, were greatly effected by the flooding in Haiti that killed dozens in our area. There homes, while not destroyed, are damaged and they each need some work to make them livable again. We estimate that about $400 per home would fix the issues, and if you would like to help with that expense, Click Here.

We know that each of these expenses are high, and we will continue communicating our progress in meeting these needs over the next few weeks. We may also do some other form of creative fundraising as well, so stay tuned (or if you have a good idea, feel free to share!).

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