We Leave Saturday!

I just wanted to give a quick update before we leave for Haiti on Saturday.  First of all, we are so excited to be going back, but we don’t get to stay as long as we would like.  We are coming back for One Spark, and if you live in Jacksonville, we need your help and support in this event.  Please come out to One Spark in downtown Jacksonville April 9-13 and vote for All Things New.  This is a huge crowdfunding event and could mean a lot of extra support for our ministry and a lot of exposure to people who are looking to help smaller organizations like us.  

Here is what we would like for you to pray about for us as we head back to Haiti this Saturday:

  • Pray for our children.  That we could show them the love that we have for them and more importantly the love that Christ has for them.  Pray that they are doing well in school, and this next week is exam week for many of them.  Most of all, pray that they would know and follow Christ!
  • We will be with a team from March 15-22, and we will be leading a VBS both at a local church and at the orphanage.  Pray for this group of people, that GOD would use each of us mightily this week.
  • That Jess and I would get our permanent residency paperwork turned in.  This is vital because it will allow All Things New to become a recognized Haitian entity and purchase things (especially land) in the name of All Things New.
  • That we would find a Haitian attorney that could help us moving forward.  We need this man/woman to be trustworthy and capable.
  • For us to continue building contacts that can help us moving forward. 

These are the biggest prayer requests we have right now.  There are many others, but we don’t want to overwhelm you.  Please understand that we believe prayer is more powerful than anything else you could do.  Please spend time on your knees at the feet of GOD praying that He would bless these children and this ministry.  Thank you!

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