We Love These Kids!

Jess and I talk about how much we love these kids all of the time.  It is funny how GOD has placed such a desire on our hearts to be there with them, take care of them, and most of all to love them.  I can’t imagine how this happens.  How GOD, at the exact right time with the exact right people brings this type of ministry into being.  If this had happened a year before, then I am not sure that we would even be moving.  I’ve thought a few times about how difficult this seems and how much our lives are going to change when we finally get to move down to Haiti.  But at no time do I regret this decision, and at no time do I even question that GOD is leading us.  This is simply because He has laid a deep love on our hearts for these 33 children and that completely trumps any other thought that we have and feeling that we experience.  We refer to them as “our kids” all of the time because that is what they are…Our children.


I was reminded of this just yesterday.  I saw a post of a friend of mine who is down in Haiti, and oddly (at least I thought this at the time) my heart ached to be down in Haiti.  It just reminded me of the kids in our orphanage who are waiting for us to get down there. I was reminded immediately of how much we love these kids.  This past Sunday, I got to preach at our church, and it was a blast.  For those of you who are pastors, you know what I mean.  After not really preaching for a while it feels really good to be in the pulpit sharing GOD’s Word with GOD’s people.  And for a second, I had this thought…This is not in my future.  Not meaning that I will never be a pastor, I may even pastor a church in Haiti, who knows what GOD has in store.  But it struck me that I will not be in this situation where I am leading a church like I had imagined.  And while a little sadness struck, I was immediately consumed by joy that I will be down in Haiti serving my Savior by taking care of these children that He has showed me how to love…How awesome is that.

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