We’re Here

As many of you know, we arrived in Haiti last Monday (May 12) after a little over a month in the states. We are staying here until July 7, so this will be our longest stay in Haiti. During our time here, these are the things we hope to accomplish:

  • Find an attorney to help us in Haiti.
  • Attend a Kindergarten graduation for 3 of our girls (Fedeline, Malayika, and Gladine) who will be starting 1st grade next year.
  • Register all of our children in school for next year. We have to wait and see which of our kids will pass and which ones will not first.
  • Learn Creole better – we are having our tutor come 2x per week.
  • Find someone that we have heard described as a “fixer” by others. This will be a person, basically, who knows how to get things done in Haiti. He will be our driver, mechanic, and person who does the things we need. All American organizations have an employee like this.

With that said, our highest priority is spending time with our children. We have had a few shorter trips lately where we felt like all we were able to do was try to get things done to mover our organization forward. But what is our organization other than a manifestation of our desire to care for these children. That will be our highest priority. So far, we have driven up to the orphanage about 3x per day taking kids to and from school. We have had a movie night with Tampico and chicken. But most of all, we have just hung out and talked and ensured our kids that we love them and that we want what is best for them. We cannot wait for the point in time where we will be them constantly, but it is just not that time yet. Until then, we can ensure that they know they will always be cared for.


With that said, thank you to everyone who is reading this for making this ministry what it is today. Without you, our (and I mean all of our) children would not be in this position. Where they are fed, clothed, loved, educated, and cared for. They will have a better idea of how GOD loves them because of the way that you love them. Thank you for sacrificing for them and please continue to keep us in your prayers as we move forward. The sooner we can get this land, the better!

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