We’re Home (Kind of)

Jess and I arrived back in Jacksonville this past Tuesday, and it has been both really good and really difficult at the same time.  When we arrived home, we saw a “For Sale” sign in our yard, and it was surreal to think that we are trying to sell our house.  But then we took hot showers and got in a warm comfortable bed, and it was wonderful.  Then, we woke up and realized that we are here and our kids are still in Haiti.  We realized that we did not really miss any American food (unless you consider milk a food).  We saw Jessica’s parents, and I can’t wait to see mine.  We get to see some of our friends this weekend.  But in the midst of everything, we very much miss Haiti.

How do you miss a place that you only lived for 1 month?  How do you want to be back in a place that is so different than anything that you are used to growing up?  I don’t know.  The only answer that I can come up with is that this is the place that GOD wants us to be.  This is where we are supposed to live, take care of our children, share our lives, teach, make new friends, etc.  This is where we are supposed to be.  With all of the conveniences right around our home (you never realize how nice it is to be able to drive to a grocery store) and the ability to order a giant steak for takeout (yes, we did do this), how do we miss Haiti?

We miss our children.  We miss the country.  We have so much to do there.  But most of all, we miss the place that we are supposed to be, the place that GOD has led us to, our new home.

Please pray for us as we make the transition back to the states, and then back to Haiti again on March 15.  We know we will be back and forth for a while, and we are ready to do whatever we need.  Thank you for keeping up with our progress, and we will have much more to update and say in the coming days and weeks while we are here.

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