What If

Over the next few weeks I am going to start a blog series called "What If" to look into some different issues that people in Haiti run into and that we as Americans never even consider.

Some of the topics I will dive into include "What If"...

 - I was sending my child to school in Haiti

 - I was looking for a job in Haiti

 - I just graduated High School in Haiti

 - My child was born in Haiti

 - I was going grocery shopping in Haiti

I started thinking about this series because my kids started school in America yesterday and our kids in Haiti will start next month. The processes that will take place to make those things happen could not be more different.

Things in Haiti have been extra difficult lately because of the unrest, gang wars, kidnappings, etc. but even before these things became a part of everyday life things were different in Haiti than they are here. 

I know this is not really the right thing to do, but when we lived in Haiti full time, I used to think "What If" a lot. I thought things like:

 - If Herbison was born in America he would be finishing up his senior season in High School, probably with a few soccer scholarships to decide between.

 - If our kids were in school in America, they would be learning in their "heart language" and there would be a lot fewer distractions throughout the school day.

I want to take some time to go through some of these topics both to remember for myself and to share with you guys some of the difficulties of living in Haiti and also some of the really good things. I want to remember all of the things I loved about the country and also honestly discuss some of the obstacles that our kids face every single day simply because of where and when they were born.

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