What Is A Miracle?

My purpose in writing this blog is not to define what a miracle is or is not, but to describe something that went through my mind the other day as I was watching a movie with our kids. As we were watching it, I thought about how much our kids at All Things New would love it and my mind went to a lot of other places as well.

The movie is called Encanto, and we have probably watched the movie about 6 times in the past 3 weeks since discovering it shortly after school ended. If you do not have kids, I would not necessarily suggest watching it, but it is a good movie to watch as a family.

Anyway, one of the songs, “The Miracle is You” came on…again (did I mention we also have the soundtrack) in the car and something struck me. The words are, “The miracle is not, some magic (you could insert talent, money, gift, etc.) that you’ve got, the miracle is you.”

Without getting into a synopsis of the movie, the point of the song is that each person is created as a miracle. The sum of all of your experiences, the way you speak, your family, the things that have happened to you, etc. have all come together in an incredible unique miracle…You.

It reminds me of a song David Crowder sings that says, “You make everything glorious, And I am Yours…What does that make me?”

We tend to judge or “rate” people based on what we see or know about them. "Impressive" people with nice cars, clothes, hair, etc. start with a leg up. Poor people, homeless men/women, uneducated people, dare I say people that we meet in Haiti we tend to view as “less than” us and as people that we need to help.

It is only when we get to know people that we begin to see who they are. We begin to realize that people are more than the outer shell that we see. They are more than their money, standing, country of birth, etc. Things have happened to them and they have made things happen that have affected who they are…We are the same way.

I am convinced that the political divide in this country, what is happening in Haiti, and much of the negative that we see in this world is because we take the person out of the equation and make judgements about people based on their beliefs, ideologies, social standing, country of origin, etc. The things that we can see rather than the person that they are.

We are quick to vilify people because their beliefs differ from ours. We are quick to look down on people because of the car they drive or the home in which they live. 

Do you ever think about the fact that every person in the world was created by GOD, in the image of GOD, and they are loved by GOD? Every person that we will ever see or talk to is a reflection of GOD to some degree. Your neighbor, your boss, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, and anyone else in the world was, quite literally, created in GOD’s image. 

When we see another person and think of them in terms of their beliefs, values, and status, we are missing who they are. Every person that we will ever see or speak with is a miracle that was planned by GOD from the beginning, and that is exactly how we should treat them.

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