What Is Happening In Haiti?

There is so much out there about what is happening in Haiti right now. Even before President Jovenel Moise was assassinated in his home, things in Haiti were as bad as we have ever seen. There is some potential good news out there right now that I want to hesitantly share with you because you never know what might happen next. 

As of now, the Prime Minister that took over after Jovenel's death, Claude Joseph, has stepped down to make way for the Prime Minister that Jovenel chose 2 days before his death but had not yet taken his post, Ariel Henry. The international community, and specifically what they call the "Core Group," essentially made the decision for Haiti. That Core Group includes ambassadors from Germany, Brazil, Canada, Spain, America, France, and the European Union. Negotiations are still ongoing between Joseph and Henry as to when the change will officially take place.

In the meantime, the opposition party has come out against Henry, and there are still many Haitians who do not like the idea of the international community taking such a big role in their country.

Here is the potential good news. Henry has stated that he will form a "Unity Government" in the short term that would lead to elections in September for Senators, Deputies, and a new President. New leadership for the nation may be exactly what is needed to bring back some semblance of security and normalcy.

While Jovenel was in power, the entire government was essentially disbanded leaving Haiti with no elected Deputies and only 10 elected Senators (not enough for a quorum). The legal system was also greatly compromised with many vacancies in some of the most important positions in different courts across the country. For almost 18 months Jovenel ruled by decree and the country just continued to go downhill.

Here are some things for you to know:

 - Pray that elections do take place and that they are what Haiti needs to get back to "normal."

 - Right now things in Haiti have remained somewhat calm. Pray that this continues. I am still hoping to get down ASAP, but right now everyone is telling me that it is not safe enough. Pray that this changes soon as well.

 - School officially starts for our kids on September 6 which means we have a lot of work to do before then. 

 - If you are a sponsor, then you know, most years we ask our sponsors to send schools supplies, backpacks, etc. This year, we may not have any way to get these types of supplies to Haiti. Please be on the lookout for ways you can help us get these supplies to our kids! If the country remains like it is now, we will ask for donations so that we can make purchases in Haiti rather than for supplies like normal. The next All Things New Blog will discuss this further.

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