What's Going On In Haiti Now

By now you have probably seen Haiti in the news quite a bit and not for anything good. Gangs have taken over the capitol almost completely at this point and Americans who are currently in the country are having to be rescued on helicopters just to get out of an incredibly dangerous situation.

In case you are not on Facebook, I recently put up a post about what is going on there and how difficult it is to share anything other than the negative right now. It is true because, way more than anything else, Haiti needs our prayers. Here is the Facebook post:

There are times when we try to get our message out about our kids and what is going on with them. About how Herbison and Dada graduated and are in the process of attending college. About how awesome our fundraiser is and how some incredible person covered the entire Deerwood CountryClub expense (food, service, and the venue). About how almost all of our kids are still on pace to graduate from high school in Haiti and what a great feat that is.
Now is not one of those times. I hope to be able to highlight some of those things in the future more and discuss more about how there are good things going on in the midst of bad. But for now, one thing in Haiti has taken over everything else, and it is the gang situation. The capitol is a war zone, and the rest of Haiti is not safe.
At this point, nothing is off limits and gangs have free reign to do whatever they want whenever they want. The problem is that what is going on now is only slightly worse than what has been going on for the past 5 years in Haiti and it just continues. Either nobody can or nobody wants to do anything about it.
We continue to pray, and we continue to talk to our kids and our employees and make sure they are ok...They are not. They may be safe and out of the way of the fighting, but they are not ok, and neither should we be! Something has to give, please continue to pray with me that it does.

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