When Things Get Difficult

Sometimes, when things seem overly difficult, it is easy to overreact. It is easy to throw your hands in the air and give up...Until you find something worth fighting for no matter what.

Our kids, our marriages, and our churches are some of those things that are worth fighting for.

All Things New, and more specifically our kids and employees, are worth fighting for!

The past few years have been difficult. They have been difficult for our family, our supporters, and our organization. Everyone of us have had to leave Haiti and not return.

These past few years have been infinitely more difficult for our kids, our employees, and the entire country. Every aspect of their life is a struggle.

Recently, many of the gangs who had taken residence in Port Au Prince began moving out into some of the smaller towns in the surrounding areas. One of those towns was Gressier, where our kids live. While things there have calmed down, I have been told repeatedly by our people on the ground that this calm will probably not last.

Over the past few years, our kids have missed massive amounts of school, they have lost our presence in Haiti, many of their friends have evacuated and may not come back, the hope of job creation that we started in 2019 has become a distant memory, and they have seen their country fall into a chaos that cannot be accurately described.

Things are too difficult! They should not have to go through things like this, experience things like this, and see some of the things they have seen. Everyone says that kids are resilient, and they are, but we all have our point where things become "too hard."

I am not sure how, but for some reason they remain hopeful. Their hope continues to be high. I can only say that GOD is giving them a resilience that I do not understand.

When our checking account was drained, I first thought it was just too much. That was one more straw in this ministry. We are still trying to put everything back together as the bank account we closed was connected to everything. 

What I found out is that compared to what our people in Haiti are going through, this is nothing. It is frustrating and I have felt helpless in terms of fighting it, but the resilience that our kids have is something that I have to remember.

Thank you all for continuing to support us because it is difficult for you as well, I know that. I can only believe that GOD has something great in store, because things that are worth all of this tend to yield something incredible in the end!

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