When Tragedy Strikes

In just the past 10 years, Haiti has been struck by an earthquake that killed over 250,000 people, had hurricanes and storms that have killed thousands more, has suffered some of the worst political corruption in the world, and has seen social unrest over the past 2 years that has shutdown an entire country. It is hard to even read those words much less to know and love people that have lived every second of it like the kids and employees of All Things New.

In America, we have a saying to describe the material problems and issues that bother us that probably should not. We say, "1st World Problems." Let me give you a few examples:

 - When we get upset that Starbucks is out of our favorite flavored creamer.

 - When we get home from picking up fast food and they had the nerve to give us a medium fry rather than the large we ordered.

 - When we drive up to our child's baseball tournament and we get upset because  the field is not perfectly manicured.

 - When a storm comes through and we cannot believe that we had to sit inside our homes without any electricity for 3 hours.

In 3rd World Countries throughout the world, here are some actual problems that people have:

 - They have to figure out how they will eat their next meal.

 - They have to decide if they have enough money to send their kids to school, and if not which of their children they will decide to keep home.

 - Many have to figure out where they will sleep that night if it rains.

 - They have to decide just how sick they will have to get to make it worth using their last cent on a visit to a doctor.

These are the economic and material realities of life for a large portion of the world. In an economics class that I took recently about economies in 3rd world countries, the professor argued that the biggest economic difference between 1st and 3rd world countries is insurance. Here is what she meant:

 - If you or a family member were to get really sick this year, you have health insurance.

 - If a business is broken into and inventory is stolen, insurance will cover it.

 - If a storm destroys your house, you have homeowner's insurance.

 - Many people have life insurance, disability insurance, car insurance, renter's insurance, travel insurance, pet insurance, umbrella policy, identity theft protection, etc.

And when insurance does not cover something, most people either make enough money to cover expenses, have a friend/family member who can help, or can get government assistance for their needs.

When Tragedy Strikes in Haiti...You Lose Everything...The End.

Nobody has insurance. Most people's family and friends are as poor as they are. And the government is certainly not going to help anyone except for themselves and their own family.

When tragedy strikes you lose everything, and make no mistake, tragedy is striking right now.

 - There is still political and social upheaval and rioting in the streets almost daily.

 - The currency is being manipulated at a level that is mind-boggling and I cannot believe people can get away with it. It is so bad that banks will buy up $2,500 from you, but they capped the number of American dollars they will sell you at $50. 

 - Haiti, a democracy, has seen 1 election in the past 5 years and because of that the congress has been disbanded and the President is ruling by decree.

I do not say all of this to make you feel sorry for Haiti or to feel guilty for what we have in America. Trust me, I understand that there are issues in America as well. I am telling you this because our brothers and sisters in Haiti are struggling right now.

I am telling you this in an effort to get as many people praying for Haiti as possible. Things are bad there right now, and they do not look like they are getting better any time soon. Tragedy is striking and people are losing everything, and it is  time for us to step up and pray!

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  • Matt…I just used that phrase today,”1st world problem.” It is sad we forget how hard so many people have it. You are all in our prayers! So sad what these people and children are going through. Bless you and Jess for what you have done. Love you!


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