Why Start a GoFundMe?

I wanted to write a short blog about why we started a GoFundMe campaign (just click on the link to visit our GoFundMe page and donate).  The short answer is that All Things New has been struggling to pay our monthly expenses in 2017 and we are hoping that this campaign will carry us through the rest of the year.  Many of you know that new expenses began to arise when we moved out on our own, started paying rent on 2 houses, hired quite a few new employees (we now employ 30 Haitians), and as our ministry continued to grow.  For the last couple of years, we were able to keep up with these changes through the reserves we had built up over the first couple of years when expenses were so low.  We have cut our operating costs and we will continue to do that, but the only costs we can still cut would be costs related to employees, and we are trying really hard to keep the employees we have.

As an aside, if you live in or around LaGrange, please disregard the information about our GoFundMe Campaign, and attend our LaGrange fundraiser this Sunday night (Oct. 15) at 5:30 at FBC LaGrange (email Allthingsnewlagrange@gmail.com to RSVP).  Jess and I will be speaking and it would be great to see everyone.

You have probably also noticed that we have been going through a time of transition within our organization.  We have brought on some incredible new board members and formed some amazing teams.  We truly believe that this new leadership and structure at ATN will pay huge dividends for us in the future and will help us progress financially and otherwise.  However, these things take time and we are just now starting to meet more regularly and move our organization forward. 

Hopefully by reading this blog you realize that we need this campaign to succeed.  We would love for you to give in this way and share this page through email, through Facebook or any other social media outlet, and by telling your friends and family about it face-to-face.  At the same time, crowdfunding campaigns like this one can do other things for organizations like ours, so you may see us use platforms like GoFundMe from time to time.  Some of the benefits include:

  • Getting the word out to people in a new and different way.
  • Giving people who already support ATN an easy and efficient way to share their passion with others through a variety of mediums.
  • Raising money for immediate needs (like where we find ourselves now) or for specific projects (i.e. building, vehicles, electricity, etc.).
  • To join movements like Giving Tuesday (which is the Tuesday after Black Friday every year that people set aside for giving back to their favorite charity or nonprofit) and Orphan Sunday (a Sunday in November set aside for orphan awareness).

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your continued support and prayers.  We believe that GOD has some incredible things lined up for this ministry and a huge vision for the future and we cannot wait to see where GOD will take us.  We have the leadership and skill in place to take ATN to the next level and please let us know (just click here and use the contact form) if you are interested in joining one of our teams or getting more involved with ATN in any way. 

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