Woodly’s Future

Today I would like to share with you what Woodly, our second oldest boy, wants for his future.  In the fall of 2015 we blogged about each of the kids and shared a little background about where they came from and what they are like.  To read Woodly’s blog from 2015, click here and see how much he has changed and/or stayed the same.  Also, if you missed this same blog about Herbison from Wednesday, click here.

Woodly is 18 years old and full of confidence.  He is in 8th grade at Christianville school and continues to make great progress in school every year.  He is smart, kind, and funny.  We spend more time with Woodly talking about his future than any other kids that live with us and that is because he loves to come and sit and talk with us.  At least once a week Woodly tells me he needs to have a meeting with me and Matt.  I used to be worried this meant something was wrong or he needs something but it is almost always to tell us his latest plan for his future.  In the past year I’d say he’s had at least 5 different plans of how he will start a business, manage people, and make money.  These plans have ranged from starting a clothing business to becoming a professional photographer.  Each plan always ends with Woodly having employees that he manages.  The conversations always end with us saying we will help him reach his goals but also reminding him he has to start focusing on school more and helping out around the house more.  I say all of this to let you know Woodly is a dreamer and I love this about him.

Many of you reading this who have teenage children may know what it’s like to talk through their future with them.  Woodly knows exactly what he wants to be for about 2 weeks at a time and then it changes.  When we sat down to formally talk through his future last May, he told us he wanted to finish High School then produce movies.  We asked him about all of his businesses he’s planning to start and he said he’d also be doing those on the side.  Like I said, Woodly is a dreamer.  We have told him he is capable of doing anything (which he is) but the sad truth is the lack of opportunity here in Haiti will limit him and it is up to us and a lot of prayer to figure out how to help him achieve his goals.

Please pray for the future of our dreamer, Woodly.

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