Just 2 nights ago, we went to a Chris Tomlin concert in Jacksonville.  It was an awesome night of worship as we had the opportunity to worship GOD with a few thousand other people.  It is hard to describe how awesome it is to worship our GOD, and in this setting it was incredible.  It was also at a great time for us and our ministry.  With the busyness of life already, and then the added stress of starting a non-profit organization, getting prepared to move to Haiti, and adopting children from Ethiopia all at the same time, it was much needed.  It was a reminder of how great and big our GOD is.


Something else that was awesome was the number of times the name Jesus was said, shouted, and sung by that many people at the same time.  I hope that we never forget to praise this Name whenever, wherever, and however we can.  What He did on the Cross so that GOD could be with His people is just an awesome thing.  I am asking GOD to never let me go even a second without remembering Him and worshipping Him.  If we know God, how could we not worship Him?


And something else, please do not ever, ever, ever say that you do not like to worship GOD through music.  How ignorant of a statement is that?  Why else did GOD give us music, why else would the angels of Heaven be in a constant melody to GOD.  We do worship GOD through music, and it was an awesome reminder of how Great our GOD is!

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