Yolmenda’s Future

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Yolmenda, better known as “Da Da” by pretty much everyone who has ever met her, is 18 and our oldest girl living at All Things New.  Back in 2015 we blogged about each of our kids and if you want to read more about Da Da, just click here.  In today’s post I will tell you a little bit about Yolmenda, but I will really focus on what she desires for her future and how we plan on helping her achieve it.  Also, our plan is to write about all of the kids at All Things New over the next few weeks, and if you want to read our previous blogs, just click on a kid’s name and it will link to their blog:  Herbison, Woodly.

The most important thing to know about Da Da is that she truly loves the Lord.  She loves to go to church, she loves to sing, and she is absolutely beautiful both inside and out.  She is a peacekeeper and she truly cares about every single person who lives at All Things New.  She is fiercely loyal to her friends and family and you definitely do now want to find your way onto her bad side.  She is very smart and very organized, and at the same time she is definitely our most athletic girl.  When we first met her back in 2011, she was the unofficial care taker of pretty much every child younger than her and she did an incredible job.  

You may be wondering why I have described so much of her past in a blog about what she wants for her future, but there is a good reason why.  These incredible qualities are the things that will make Da Da a huge success in her future.  When we sat down with her, she was very clear that she wanted to finish classical school at Christianville and then go to a University to learn accounting.  It actually took us quite a while to figure out what she was saying because it was the first time we had heard the word “accountant” in Creole.  The truth is that she would make an excellent one.

Something actually happened with Da Da today that is relevant to this blog about her future.  Gueline and Yolmenda, very seriously, came to Jess and I to discuss some ideas that they have for making money while they are still in school.  They know that we have been focusing on job creation over the past few months and they wanted to make sure they were included.  The truth is, however, other than Woodly (which you can learn more about in the blog we wrote about him) they are the only 2 that have shown any interest in entrepreneurship and I was quite proud of them.  I told them some of my ideas and they shared a couple of theirs, and we decided that we would think about things some more and meet again to decide our next move.

 That is Da Da.  Have you ever known someone who seemed to be passionate about the right things?  She is passionate about GOD, she wants a future, and she is willing to work for it.  We truly believe that she will be successful in her future, but even more importantly than that, she is successful right now.  If Da Da wants to be an accountant, that’s exactly what she will be!

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