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All Things New was created to take care of children, but we will not stop there. The greatest physical need in the community where we operate is job creation, and we want to be a part of the solution.  Job creation could help alleviate every other physical need and our first step in job creation is to take care of the employees we already have.  You can help!  Please consider giving a monthly or one-time donation. 

Our Employees

House Mom Manager:  $500/month

Cook:  $280/month

Laundry/Cook Assistant:  $260/month

Driver/Assistant:  $300/month

Weekday House Mom (6 total):  $250/month

Weekend House Mom (6 total):  $150/month

House Dad (Mon-Sat Afternoons):  $250/month

Tutors (3 total):  $150/month

Nighttime Security:  $200/month

Day Time Security:  $150/month

Haircutter:  $30/month