Bank Account/Haiti Update

As most of you know, you can Click Here if you missed the last blog, the All Things New checking account was hacked and almost wiped out.

At almost the same time, gangs have made their way into Gressier, the town where ATN is located, and our kids had to evacuate their home for about a week. They are back home now, but things are still dangerous and we are not sure when/if they will have to leave the area again.

As far as an update on our checking account, here are the key points:

 - Any donations that you guys give to ATN are still safe. Whether through PayPal, Kindful, the website, or a physical check, we have changed our bank account information and all donations are safe.

 - We were able to send June money down without much delay! We are definitely concerned about July, but we are taking it one month at a time.

 - We do not have any updates regarding getting the money back. We have filed a claim with the bank, filed a police report, and submitted a complaint to the federal government, but we are still waiting to hear back.

We are still hopeful that we will retrieve all or some of the money that was stolen from us but we are not sure if/when that will happen. If you want to help us through while we wait for that decision is made, Click Here to give to ATN or click the "Donate" button at the top of the email.

As far as an update about our kids and Haiti, here are some key points:

 - The country is as dangerous as ever and gangs have made it to Gressier making life very tense and dangerous for our kids and employees.

 - An American missionary couple was recently killed by gangs in Port Au Prince. This hit home and shows just how dangerous things have become.

 - There is ongoing talk and speculation that a big police/military force from Kenya and other places will come to Haiti soon to help. So far this has only escalated the situation in Haiti.

 - Our kids are staying close to the house, not attending school, and not able to do much other than just hang around. They are also on edge trying to figure out what they would do if/when the gangs start acting up in Gressier again.

 - The cost of food and supplies continues to skyrocket as it is almost impossible to ship things from Port Au Prince to the rest of the country.

Please continue to pray for Haiti and for our kids.

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