Giving Tuesday Is Tomorrow!

Giving Tuesday is tomorrow (Nov. 28), and this is your last chance to create a Facebook Fundraiser to help us raise money for All Things New.

We outlined in a previous blog why this Giving Tuesday is so important for All Things New, so in today's blog we are just going to give you directions on how to give or how to start your own Facebook Fundraiser. Don't forget to Share, Share, and Share your Facebook Fundraiser with your friends and on your page starting today and tomorrow!

Remember, starting your own fundraiser gives you the chance to give to our organization while also offering your friends and family an easy way to give as well. Please consider helping us in this way!

Here are the ways to take part in Giving Tuesday:

 1. Give! This is the obvious answer, but it is incredibly important for us this year as expenses continue to mount and donations continue to drop. Whether you give through Facebook, on our website through our donation processor Kindful, through PayPal, or by sending a check (PO Box 54838, Jacksonville, FL 32245), we want to make this Giving Tuesday our best yet!

 2. Create a Facebook Fundraiser

 - Click this link:

 - Follow the instructions on the left side of the page by setting a reasonable goal and letting people know about All Things New.

 - Make sure that the fundraiser is active through at least November 29 (the day after)!

 - Click "create" at the bottom of the page.

 - This is Important: Click the "Share" button and make sure you let all of your friends and family know about Giving Tuesday. Share as often as you want, but especially on Monday the 27th and Tuesday the 28th...Invite your friends to participate in the fundraiser!

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