In The New Home!

Our kids are officially in the new home and they love it! If you missed this news in the prior blog/email, please click here to learn more about the move and why it is a great thing for ATN.

We just found out today also that the 2 girls who needed a place to live came by for a visit and it seems likely that they will be moving to the orphanage soon as well. Stay tuned for another blog with the details of that move.

If you want to give towards the move, Click Here. 

As you can tell, with the move and with the new girls probably coming to live at ATN, things have been busy but also exciting and different.

These things do not take away from the unrest and the horrible situation in Haiti, but for our kids and our employees, it is kind of a break from the chaos...A change from the normal and difficult every day life there.

Something that can be difficult to remember for me, and I am sure for you too, is that in the chaos of Haiti and when things seem to just keep getting worse, you are making a different in the lives of children.

 - Our kids are eating in the midst of the worst food security in Haiti maybe ever.

 - Some of our kids are getting very close to graduating from High School which is incredibly rare.

 - Our employees have the means to take care of themselves and their friends and family during a very difficult time.

 - We even have the ability to take 2 new kids who need our help into the orphanage.

So far, based on our previous email and the incredibly generous donations you have already given, we have raised almost half of our moving expenses as listed below:

 - Initial Move-In Costs: $2,000 (1 month rent/misc. needs)

 - Moving/Installing the Solar Panels/Generator to the new home: $1,000

 - Estimated Costs of Repairs for the Old House: $1,500

 - Costs to move out of the old home: Estimated $4,500

 - New Mattresses, Fix Beds: Estimated $1,000

If you would like to help us get the rest of the way there, we would greatly appreciate it. Click Here or the Donate button at the top of the page to give.

We know things are hard in Haiti, and it would be hard for me to express the frustration and sadness I have felt over the past few years. I know that many of you who love ATN and our kids feel it too. The only thing I can say about that is that we are making a difference, our kids are going to come out of this ready to live incredible lives, and we are so thankful that each of you have joined us on this journey.

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