• Orphan Sunday 'What If...We Never Met Ezekyal'

    Sometimes, it is not even saying "no," it can also be just not listening and just living life like we have always lived. We may not be saying "no" to GOD because we are not really saying anything to Him. My challenge to all of us, including myself, is to pray, listen, and be ready to say "yes" no matter what the question is...
  • Ezekyal is a Bush!

    Adoption is a beautiful example/reminder of what GOD has done for us.
  • 2 Weeks as a Family of 5

    Many of you have been keeping up with our story about Ezekyal and how he was able to travel back to America with us.  Yesterday marked 2 weeks since Ezekyal moved in with us and we became a family of 5.  There have not been a lot of blog updates because we have spent some […]
  • Ezekyal is Coming to America!

    If you keep up with All Things New on our blog and social media, then you know there are a lot of things going on right now.  We just finished up a matching funds campaign, we have a fundraiser in LaGrange November 11, ATN Family Day in Jacksonville on November 18, we have started a couple […]