• Looking Forward to 2023!

    In 2023, whatever this might look like, our goal is to make sure our kids have that type of hope and that type of future. The belief that they can accomplish anything. Join us this year in figuring out how to make this happen for every single one of our kids and our employees!
  • ATN's 2022 In Review

    Gangs took control of the country, kidnapping for ransom was commonplace for Haitians and foreigners alike, schools opened only sporadically, thousands of peel in Port Au Prince were displaced, there is no functioning government, only a handful of elected officials, and no timetable for things to get better.
  • End Of The Year

    One last request to include All Things New in your year-end giving plans! Did you know that 30% of all giving to nonprofits is done in December, and 10% of all giving occur in the final 3 days of the year (Dec. 29, 30, and 31). Today is December 28, so if you are waiting to do your year-end giving until now, and ATN is a part of those plans, all you have to do is either CLICK HERE or click the link at the top of this email to give through our online giving portal.
  • Thank You!

    All Things New, our kids, and our employees are beyond blessed by your prayers, your support, and your giving. 
  • "What If" Part 4: Purpose

    My challenge to us, no matter where we live, is to figure out what our purpose is, and once we figure that out to abandon everything else in this world except for the purpose to which we are called.
  • "What If" Part 3: You Were Having a Baby in Haiti

    When you put your faith in uncertain things; You get uncertain hope.

    When you put your faith in something that is certain, on the other hand, you get a certain hope.

  • What If Part 2: Finding a Job

    What if you were looking for a job in Haiti right now?
  • Part 1: "What If" Your Child Was Starting School In Haiti

    It would be different simply because by GOD's grace you were born in America and by that same grace of GOD, other people were born in Haiti.
  • What If

    Over the next few weeks I am going to start a blog series called "What If" to look into some different issues that people in Haiti run into and that we as Americans never even consider.
  • School Supplies Needed!

    Giving towards school supplies is a way to impact their future and give them something that not many people in Haiti have the privilege to receive...An Education!
  • Earning The Right To Speak

    One of the biggest problems for people today is that we no longer have to earn the right to speak. With the advent of social media, if you are simp...
  • What is Freedom?

    The freedom that Christ gives flies in the face of sin, oppression, and uncertainty. His freedom is not an idea that can be taken from us because of what we do, it is a gift from Him that is there no matter what.