• What Ezekyal Taught Me About Prayer

    What a profound thought, right? If you say you are going to pray for someone that you actually do it
  • Fighting The Wrong Battle

    Let's stop pouring our lives into the battles that mean absolutely nothing and turn to the GOD who saved us. Let's please stop teaching our children that the school, the baseball field, the office, or the football stadium is more important than the ground at the foot of the cross. Let's figure out how to spend more time there and less time on things that don't matter. 
  • Oasis of Hope

    Very, very few of us have ever had to truly live in "survival mode" for any extended period of time. The type of "survival mode" where you have no idea how you are going to eat, where you are going to live, and how you are going to change your situation. Every single one of the 22 children at All Things New along with the other 10 that we take care of have been there and lived that. They have known what it means to struggle to survive.
  • Theology Thursday: Unity in Christ

    GOD needs unity that comes from fellowship...See the Trinity. For us to think that we do not need that same type of unity with Christ and other believers is not only ignorant but it is also arrogant and unBiblical, and those are 3 traits that I do not want to have.
  • Normalcy in Haiti

    Thank you to everyone reading this that allows our kids some "normalcy." We definitely could not do it without you. At the same time, let's continue to do everything that we can so that every kid, in every country, including our own, can complain about how their food tastes and ask someone that they love for a new toy or a new pair of shoes.
  • What's Going On in Haiti

    Please continue to pray for Haiti and do not give up on her or her people. I have heard the term "Haiti fatigue" in the past because it seems like things just always happen there. It seems like any time the country takes 2 steps forward, it then takes 10 steps back. Do not lose hope. I am not talking about hope in the government, the people, All Things New, or anything like that...Do not lose hope in the Gospel. The Gospel of Jesus Christ, when it takes root, can change an entire nation, really the entire world, and let's pray towards that end.
  • GOD's Greatness

    GOD does not need you. GOD certainly does not need me. In fact, we definitely get in His way more often than not, and it takes way longer to complete a task with us bumbling around when GOD could be finished in no time. That is a hard fact to digest and it is a humbling viewpoint of who we are in light of who GOD is.

    There is only one explanation that makes this humbling fact one of the best things in the world. In GOD's greatness and infinite character, He desires a relationship with each one of us...He wants us. He wants me, He wants you.

  • Haiti, Fundraiser, and General Update

    Pray specifically for our kids and employees. Being a part of an American organization could very well put a target on your back in Haiti, and we are praying that everyone connected to ATN stays safe and protected. Also pray for continued wisdom as we try to navigate this new era of social and political unrest and what may happen to the school year again if things continue to worsen.
  • Communication Issues

    Communication is really hard. All of us, no matter how open we believe ourselves to be with others, keep a lot of how we feel and what we want to say inside. Half the time I'm pretty sure I don't even know how I feel much less how to communicate how I am feeling to another person or to GOD. I don't know about you, but there are numerous times that Jessica actually tells me that I am feeling a certain way far before I have a clue, and she is usually right.
  • When Everything Is Political

    When politics is everything, it is so easy to forget what it is like to be "Without hope and without GOD in this world." When GOD is everything, we put people first, over politics, just like Jesus put us first when He died on the Cross and our eternity was secured!
  • A Coup Attempt and What It Teaches Us About Living

    The change starts with me. How can I show my kids, all 30 of them, that our whole lives and this whole world are all about Jesus? How can I teach them and show them that the only thing of any true value is the Word of GOD because it is the only thing that will not fade away?
  • What Does Tragedy Look Like?

    If you remember about a month ago, I wrote a blog that linked to a famous sermon called Don't Waste Your Life by John Piper. I have since listened to the sermon again, and I want to tell you something that I noticed about Haiti and All Things New when listening.