• Giving Tuesday Is Tomorrow!

    Giving Tuesday is tomorrow (Nov. 28), and this is your last chance to create a Facebook Fundraiser to help us raise money for All Things New.
  • Giving Tuesday 2023!

    In last week's blog, we mentioned the importance of Giving Tuesday for All Things New in 2023. We are coming to the end of what has been an eventful and difficult year for All Things New in many ways.
  • Orphan Sunday is Today...'What If GOD Never Adopted You?'

    The most important thing you can ever know about Orphan Sunday is that you have a GOD who wants you to be His child.
  • Orphan Sunday 'What If...We Never Met Ezekyal'

    Sometimes, it is not even saying "no," it can also be just not listening and just living life like we have always lived. We may not be saying "no" to GOD because we are not really saying anything to Him. My challenge to all of us, including myself, is to pray, listen, and be ready to say "yes" no matter what the question is...
  • Eating 3 Meals...Everyday

    On the other hand, every single one of our kids in Haiti have felt that and most of them, other than maybe 1 or 2 who are too young, can remember feeling this type of hunger. They all know of people who either have or do feel that type of hunger.
  • Living With A Calling

    I am called to every child that is hurting, every person who does not know Jesus, to serve any church of which I am a part, to do my best at whatever job I am in, to give my money away anyone who needs it, and to pursue every single calling I have on my life from the Bible and from Jesus no matter how I am feeling.
  • Talking To The Kids

    I hope, rather than taking this as a rant, you take this as a call to change. A call to be different. A call to live a life focused on living for other people no matter what.
  • Vigilante Justice in Haiti?

    What will it take to create functioning state institutions in Haiti rather than centers of greed and corruption that do nothing more than perpetuate violence and evil?
  • Called To Something Greater

    My prayer is that my joy is always found in my relationship with GOD so that I am truly joyful every single day of my life
  • Waiting On God

    Do I always live this way? No. But what I do remember is that Waiting on God is an active thing. While GOD is preparing us for something new, He is also calling us to live for Him right now because the days are evil and tomorrow is not promised to us.
  • Looking Forward to 2023!

    In 2023, whatever this might look like, our goal is to make sure our kids have that type of hope and that type of future. The belief that they can accomplish anything. Join us this year in figuring out how to make this happen for every single one of our kids and our employees!
  • ATN's 2022 In Review

    Gangs took control of the country, kidnapping for ransom was commonplace for Haitians and foreigners alike, schools opened only sporadically, thousands of peel in Port Au Prince were displaced, there is no functioning government, only a handful of elected officials, and no timetable for things to get better.