• Adoption and Foster Care in Light of Coronavirus

    The Coronavirus is attacking many aspects of our lives not to mention our physical well-being. One of the things that could easily be effected is our ability to take care of children who do not have families to take care of them. This is my way of pleading for anyone who is able to do whatever they can to help.
  • ATN's New Look

    Hopefully over the last week you have noticed All Things New has a new look! We have a new website: and a new logo.  We are so excited...
  • Why We Moved to Haiti

    Living in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere with a 2 and 1-year-old is not an easy task.  Our days start before the sun comes up, last until well after it goes down and typically include meetings with employees, going to schools, punishing kids, praising kids, turning people who need jobs away, trying to […]
  • Going to Haiti…Again!

    A couple of days ago I booked a flight to head back down to Haiti for a week starting on Monday May 22. It is funny, I will be flying up to JFK and getting to Haiti at 1:50 that afternoon for more than $100 cheaper than I could have gone through Fort Lauderdale and […]
  • New Ways to Help ATN!

    We had another board meeting yesterday where we focused on getting our new TEAM structure and we are now ready to share with you the descriptions of these teams to know if they are a fit for your skill set.  Our goal is that this new TEAM structure will be a huge leap forward for […]
  • Somala is Back!

    The first thing to know about our newest little girl is that her name is actually Samara. She lived with us when we first started the orphanage and we asked the adults her name and they told us Somala and then spelled it that way as well. So for the first 2 years we knew […]
  • Meanwhile…Back in Haiti

    As you probably already know, I (Matt) have been back in Haiti since Monday afternoon and it has already been a whirlwind trip. After not being here for the past 2 months, right now is the first time since arriving that I have had a chance to even sit down and think about what has […]
  • Leaving for Haiti

    I will be leaving to head back down to Haiti tomorrow after being here in the states for a little over 2 months and it is with very mixed emotions that I find myself writing this blog.  I could go into how much I am looking forward to seeing our kids or how difficult it […]
  • An Important Day for ATN

    This past Sunday was a very important day in the life of All Things New and I want to explain the reasons why this is the case.  Before I do that, I do want to thank Palm Valley Baptist Church for allowing me to come and preach for them while their Pastor was out of […]
  • Change A Life…Yours!

    You may have noticed (or maybe not) that the title of this post is also the title of this year’s fundraiser…”Change A Life…Yours!”  I cannot overstate how important this fundraiser is in the life and ministry of All Things New and it gains in importance each year as our ministry continues to grow.  The Jacksonville […]
  • Meet Elijah

    I know it has been a while since our last blog, but we have been a little busy these past few weeks.  As you may have already heard, Elijah was born Feb 3 at 9:22am, weighed 7lbs 11oz, and was 21 inches long.  I can’t even describe what it was like meeting him for the […]
  • Whose Kingdom are We Building?

    This is the other blog I wanted to write prior to beginning our vision casting series. I have written about a similar topic before in a previous blog but this idea keeps coming up for different reasons and at different times. The question is: “Whose Kingdom Are We Building?” You could answer this question in […]