• The Past Few Days in Haiti

    I finally got the internet working at our house in Haiti. It only took about 25 phone calls to the same person until they finally sent someone out that could fix it. I can now update you on what has been going on here in Haiti, and it has been a really good few days.  […]
  • The Past Week

    This post is a couple of days late because someone apparently cut the Internet cable down the road from us and we have not had Internet for the past week.  We have it now, so we will try to keep the updates coming! As you may know, we have been back in Haiti for 1 […]
  • Back in Haiti

    By the time I actually get to post this (we have been having some internet issues) we will have probably been back in Haiti for 5 days.  Life here is so different than life in America and for so many different reasons.  In the short time we have been back it seems like we have […]
  • Back in Haiti!

    As of this past Sunday, we are back in Haiti until the middle of June.  This will be the longest Sophie and Elijah have ever been in Haiti so we are a little nervous about how they will do down here.  Sophie loves it in Haiti, and every time we come with her she just […]