• A Huge Blessing At A Wonderful Fundraiser

    We have incredible people behind our ministry, and we are so blessed by that. Please keep praying and we will keep updating you on how things are day that update will include a trip back down to Haiti...Hopefully sooner than later.
  • What In The World Is Going On In Haiti?

    - Gang Wars

     - A New Travel Advisory

     - A Nurse From New Hampshire And Her Daughter Kidnapped

  • An Old Memory From Haiti

    In the meantime I learned that we are where we are for a reason, and because GOD has us here for a reason, because He loves you, and because you probably will not be there for the rest of your life, enjoy it while you can.
  • Talking To The Kids

    I hope, rather than taking this as a rant, you take this as a call to change. A call to be different. A call to live a life focused on living for other people no matter what.
  • Waiting On God

    Do I always live this way? No. But what I do remember is that Waiting on God is an active thing. While GOD is preparing us for something new, He is also calling us to live for Him right now because the days are evil and tomorrow is not promised to us.
  • I Miss Haiti - Jessica's Latest Blog

    I miss Haiti.
  • More Than Inflation: A Description of Rising Costs In Haiti

    The price of most of these things, staples of the Haitian economy, are almost completely out of reach for the average Haitian. It is costing us almost double this year for a trip to the market than it did in 2021.
  • ATN Update!

    As you know, things in Haiti have been crazy. We have continued to keep you fairly updated on the goings-on in the country, but we have talked less...
  • The Kids Started School!

    There are a lot of other differences, and it may seem like I am complaining, but please believe that I am not. Things are just different in the 2 countries, and especially when it comes to school.
  • Recovery And Relief Efforts: Pray For A Miracle!

    Here is my hope and my prayer for what is about to happen in Haiti. The recovery effort is underway right now and there is no way for chaos to not be at least a part of something like this. My prayer is that the next step will help this area of Haiti become something new and something better. 
  • Theology Thursday: Can Helping Hurt?

    I am reminded of the 2010 earthquake where billions (yes, "billions" with a "b") of dollars were raised for the relief effort. A short 12 years later, another earthquake hits and the country is in even worse shape than it was prior to 2010.
  • The Earthquake

    I cannot believe that I am writing a blog about another earthquake in Haiti. Just a month after the President was assassinated, as no government really exists, and right before a Tropical Storm traveled directly over the epicenter of the earthquake. It is a really difficult thing to comprehend.