• More Than Inflation: A Description of Rising Costs In Haiti

    The price of most of these things, staples of the Haitian economy, are almost completely out of reach for the average Haitian. It is costing us almost double this year for a trip to the market than it did in 2021.
  • ATN Update!

    As you know, things in Haiti have been crazy. We have continued to keep you fairly updated on the goings-on in the country, but we have talked less...
  • The Kids Started School!

    There are a lot of other differences, and it may seem like I am complaining, but please believe that I am not. Things are just different in the 2 countries, and especially when it comes to school.
  • Recovery And Relief Efforts: Pray For A Miracle!

    Here is my hope and my prayer for what is about to happen in Haiti. The recovery effort is underway right now and there is no way for chaos to not be at least a part of something like this. My prayer is that the next step will help this area of Haiti become something new and something better. 
  • Theology Thursday: Can Helping Hurt?

    I am reminded of the 2010 earthquake where billions (yes, "billions" with a "b") of dollars were raised for the relief effort. A short 12 years later, another earthquake hits and the country is in even worse shape than it was prior to 2010.
  • The Earthquake

    I cannot believe that I am writing a blog about another earthquake in Haiti. Just a month after the President was assassinated, as no government really exists, and right before a Tropical Storm traveled directly over the epicenter of the earthquake. It is a really difficult thing to comprehend.
  • The Patriotic Gospel

    Understood that we do not need conservatives/liberals in power as much as we need Jesus to make real change in our lives first, which leads to real change in our family, which leads to real change in our church, which leads to real change in our community, which leads to real change in our city, which leads to real change in our state, which leads to real change in our nation, which leads to real change in our world.
  • 1st World Vs. 3rd World Vacations

    But I have to ask myself, what would I do if my brothers or sisters were starving? What if my friends did not know Jesus and were perishing apart from him? What if they were dying because of poor conditions or lack of healthcare? The answer to each of these questions is...

    They Are!

  • Our Kids in Haiti and Black Lives Matter

    First of all, it is important to note that this is a blog commenting on something that our kids in Haiti talked to me about yesterday. It has nothing to do with any type of political statement (as you will see if you continue reading), it has nothing to do with the organization called "Black Lives Matter", and it is not myself or All Things New taking a stand. That is not to say that I do not have an opinion or have not taken a stand, it is only to say that this blog is not about that.
  • Haiti Covid-19 Update

    Our worries concerning Covid-19 are still the same. From the lack of a healthcare system to innumerable preexisting conditions in many Haitians to the lack of social distancing, we are still praying hard that the country is spared the worst of what could happen. 
  • Back in Haiti!

    As of this past Sunday, we are back in Haiti until the middle of June.  This will be the longest Sophie and Elijah have ever been in Haiti so we are a little nervous about how they will do down here.  Sophie loves it in Haiti, and every time we come with her she just […]
  • Seeing the Kids

    First of all, the kids are doing great. I arrived in Port Au Prince a little before 2 and then got to our house around 4:15 yesterday just in time to eat a little dinner and then pick up the kids to go play at Hope Rising. It was so good to see them and […]