• Orphan Sunday is Today...'What If GOD Never Adopted You?'

    The most important thing you can ever know about Orphan Sunday is that you have a GOD who wants you to be His child.
  • Orphan Sunday: Nov. 12

    There are millions of children in the world just like Ezekyal who cry, and nobody ever comes. Who need protection and help and nobody ever wraps their arms around them. Who cry out in the night, and nobody scoots them over in their bed lies down next to them, and tells them everything is ok.
  • Orphan Sunday

    November is a big month for orphan care and adoption.  This Sunday, at churches around the world, “Orphan Sunday” will be observed through worshipping God, praying for orphans, and focusing on this vulnerable part of our world’s population.  You will see quotes, pictures, Bible verses, and other ways of reminding us of one of the […]
  • Orphan Sunday

    This Sunday, November 12, has been set aside this year as Orphan Sunday.  For the past few years, one Sunday in November (usually the first or second) has been recognized as a day to bring awareness to the global orphan crisis.  Children who have lost their parents, who live in an orphanage, and/or live in […]
  • Orphan Sunday

    This past Sunday, since it was the second Sunday in November, was designated as Orphan Sunday in an attempt to bring awareness to the orphan crisis around the world.  As you know, All Things New is a ministry dedicated to orphan care specifically in Haiti and we did not want to pass up this opportunity […]