• One of My Biggest Fears in Missions

    One of my biggest fears about doing ministry in Haiti is that I am going to teach our kids and others with whom I have influence in that country that they can find joy and be content in things other than Jesus Christ. I am so conditioned to equate a person's possessions and position with blessing that I am afraid I will do the same thing to my children and to our kids in Haiti.

    What if the very people to whom we minister would live a life passionately seeking Christ (albeit without money) if I had not come in and told them that their career and their possessions were more important. Of course I would not purposefully do this, but what if I do this with my life and with what I emphasize?

  • Top Ten Things I Miss About America (Matt’s List)

    I decided, after hearing Jess’ idea, that I would write my list of things I miss as well.  Some of the things are similar and some of them are quite different, but it was pretty fun to write.  We will also both write the “Top 10 Things I Miss About Haiti” when we are back […]